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What is SeeMath.com?

SeeMath.com is a free website that provides mathematics animations. The animations provide short, sharp visual explanations of mathematical concepts.  

Who are the animations for?

They are for everyone interested in mathematics. The site is principally designed for upper primary and lower secondary teachers to use in the classroom, but students interested in deepening their understanding of core concepts will also find it useful. The site is permanently free for everyone.  

How does Seemath.com work in the classroom?

The math animations are suitable for the interactive whiteboard (IWB) or projector. Teachers can use the animations to help to illustrate a concept or process for their class. Some animations have step-by-step explanations. These can be turned off if you are presenting to a class.  

Who designed SeeMath.com?

Seemath.com has been designed by Tal Greengard. Tal is an experienced maths teacher with an ongoing interest in animation and software development. He taught mathematics at one of Sydney's top selective schools and was simultaneously involved in developing technology-based teaching strategies and resources at the Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre. Tal has also worked as a Senior Learning Design Officer for the New South Wales Department of Education.